Hybrid Threats Glossary is interactive now
Jun 22, 2021

The Hybrid Threats Glossary (Hybrid Threats Glossary), published in April 2021, is now available in an interactive form on the new page of our website https://warn-erasmus.eu/glossary/. Glossary being composed using primary sources recommended by European partners, mainly of HybridCoe Center materials, and being distributed across knowledge fields and study programs, was developed as a terminological framework for new teaching content of master’s and LLL programs modernising within the project. Meantime the interactive interpretation of the glossary enables an opportunity to gain basic knowledge on hybrid threats for all stakeholders, regardless of age, social category, and professional orientation: schoolchildren, pensioners, and Doctor of Science.

Artificial Intelligence Department (NURE) about Glossary

Economic Cybernetics Department (NURE) about Glossary