Course “Changing Security and Hybrid Threats” in the 30th Jyväskylä Summer School
Aug 20, 2021

Project team members (Mariia Golovianko (NURE), Myroslava Chekh (UCU), Tetiana Reva (NAMSCA)) obtained the intensive training in the course Changing Security and Hybrid Threats provided by Summer School of the University of Jyväskylä. The course was developed in collaboration with experts from the European Center of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats (Hybrid CoE) who were invited to teach the course among other experts in various aspects of security issues. Our participants enhanced their knowledge of the rapidly changing security environment in today’s Europe, of which Ukraine is an integral part, being at the forefront of the fight against hybrid attacks as course organizers mentioned. As a final task, our colleagues developed and presented a comprehensive analysis of new and little-known hybrid attacks and proposed the methods of proactive protection against them in corresponding fields including means of artificial intelligence.

No photos or videos have been banned due to very sensitive security issues.

Summer School participants will prepare a workshop for other project team members to summarize the knowledge and materials gained during the course.