WARN Project in the “Science Night in Kharkiv – 2021”
Sep 19, 2021

The WARN project became one of the locations presented by KNURE on September 18, 2021 during the educational project “Science Night in Kharkiv – 2021”. The event is focused primarily on future entrants, its purpose is the promotion and development of higher education institutions as research centers, presentation of the cutting-edge technologies and achievements in science using creative and interactive format.

More than 40 inquisitive visitors (school graduates together with parents and teachers) visited the EC department. The WARN project was presented among other presentations of the department.

National project coordinator Dr. Svitlana Gryshko not only acquainted the participants with the project tasks but also conducted a master class on a new “anti-hybrid” teaching method. The methodology is currently in the active phase of development and testing in the student audience. But the format of the project “Science Night in Kharkiv – 2021” allowed conducting a successful approbation among a mixed audience of schoolchildren and adults (parents and teachers participated in the training).