Training on the Course “Gaming Hybrid conflict”
Dec 16, 2020

Hybrid Strategies Lab of TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) conducted 2 sessions of interactive online trainings on the Course “Gaming Hybrid conflict”. Experts of Hybrid Strategies Lab developed games (Matrix and Dilemma) that helps players to understand the threats posed by hybrid warfare, to create greater awareness allowing decision makers realizing the complexity of issues, to generate the adequate response to the threats and to increase the resilience.

The project members had the opportunity to understand and analyse conflicts that take place in a much broader spectrum, including the economic-, the information-, political-, technical and social domains. These trainings enhanced awareness in modelling adversarial environment to train skills of countering hybrid threats within Master programs to be updated within WARN project.

20 teachers were trained during 2 online interactive trainings on 9th and 16th Dec of 2020.