Train the military to Counteract Hybrid Threats
Jun 24, 2024

Among the students in our master’s programs are military personnel and chaplains who combat hybrid military threats on the battlefield. The need to master both theoretical and practical foundations in fighting hybrid threats led them to the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages ​​at the DSPU for the “Secondary education (History). Psychology” program, which was modernised within our project. During practical training, these defenders, whose names are withheld for security reasons because they are directly involved in military operations, analyzed examples of IPSO as a component of the hybrid russian-Ukrainian war, using real events described in a videos on the YouTube channel of their military unit.

Father Dionysiy, a military chaplain who was one of the first in the structure of the chaplaincy service of the Ukrainian army, provided examples of recognizing and countering information leaks and fakes.