Project organized and managed

Project is governed by the General Assembly and the Coordinator (P1- Jyväskylä University, FI). Management of the project is based on the Policies are stipulated in the Annex III to the Partnership Agreement which envisaged that any decision is a subject of considering and adopting by General Assembly including content, finances and evolution of the partnership.

Partnership Agreement was drafted beforehand in order to be discussed during kick-off meeting and was signed within 2 months later.

The Project Management Plan including order and templates for easy reporting was developed for smooth managing the project.

There are several kinds of project reports: internal (to regular working meeting), national (to MESU, Regional Administration, NEO), international (interim and final report to EACEA). Updating and actualizing the gathered reporting information is key of consistent interim and final report on the grant.

Regular managing meeting as well as updating and adjusting the Time Schedule of the Project allow timely fulfilment project tasks and keeping in shape consortium members.

Updated Time Schedules of the Project are uploaded in the WARN repository: (Path: Management / Project Plan).

Updated Management Plan MNGMT_Plan