Hybrid CoE Trained Project Experts on the Use of Game-Based Methods for Training and Foresight in Countering Hybrid Threats
Jul 4, 2024

Experts from Hybrid CoE*, an international organization that unites EU and NATO countries in the fight against hybrid threats, and TNO, a Dutch applied research organization, conducted training for the WARN project team. The topic of the training was game methods of countering hybrid threats and their use in complex decision-making scenarios. During the training, the training participants focused on the current and future vulnerabilities of Ukrainian society that may arise on Ukraine’s path to EU membership. Ukrainian specialists gained invaluable experience in developing practical exercises and games for the future training of master’s programmes students and trainees of lifelong education courses.

The project team is extremely grateful to our coordinator – the University of Jyväskylä for the direct involvement of experts of outstanding caliber.



*Hybrid CoE established by supporting the Common set of proposals for the implementation of the Joint EU/NATO Declaration, endorsed by the Council of the European Union and the North Atlantic Council on 6 December 2016 (the Common set of proposals for the implementation of the Joint EU/NATO Declaration).