Artificial intelligence (АІ) Штучний інтелект (ШІ) (ua)

Intelligence demonstrated by machines and/or (semi-) autonomous systems; is an umbrella term that covers methods that aim to automate decision-making processes that traditionally require the use of human intelligence, such as recognizing patterns, learning from experience, drawing conclusions, making predictions, or taking action. Fuelled by sensors, data digitization, and ever-increasing connectedness, AI filters, associates, prioritizes, classifies, measures, and predicts outcomes, thereby enabling better-informed, data-driven decisions. Examples of hybrid applications: Employing (semi-)autonomous systems (drones, cyber weapons, etc.) for all kinds of tasks and missions, such as spying, disrupting the EM spectrum (radars, radios), but also to kill or neutralise persons and platforms. By using AI these systems can execute the assigned task or mission on their own, while being capable of adapting to new situations. Also, the attribution of responsibility, the who-is-behind-it, becomes difficult to determine.