pro-Russian pseudo “NGOs” Проросійські псевдо-ГО (громадська організація) (ua)

NGO-like structures financed by the Russian government. Way of instrumentalization of civil society by the Kremlin. Many of these “NGO”s mimic Western approaches, for example by accusing the governments of the former Soviet republics of serious human rights violations, especially toward Russian minorities; others variously promote the Russian language and defend the Russian interpretation of history, demonize EU association agreements as a “form of occupation” and an instrument to “lure states into NATO,” promote conservative values and Orthodox Christianity as the core of Eurasian civilization in opposition to “foreign” European values, and mobilize people onto the streets for pro-Russian integration protests and to stir up tensions. Range from associations representing Russian minorities, pro-Russian youth movements, think tanks, analytical centers, election-monitoring organizations, and proRussian or secessionist institutions.