Hybrid Threats Гібридні загрози (ua)

1) сoordinated and synchronised action, that deliberately targets democratic states’ and institutions systemic vulnerabilities, through a wide range of means.

2) “The term hybrid threat refers to an action […] whose goal is to undermine or harm the target by influencing its decision-making […] Activities can take place, for example, in the political, economic, military, civil or information domains.”

3) “…posed by adversaries, with the ability to simultaneously employ conventional and non-conventional means adaptively in pursuit of their objectives.”

4) “The goal is to achieve outcomes without actual war. The target is opposing societies, not combatants. Thus, the distinction between combatants and citizens, blurring for decades, breaks down almost entirely. And the tactic is the simultaneous employment of the range of possible instruments, from threats of war to propaganda and everything in between.”

5) is a phenomenon resulting from the convergence and interconnection of different elements, which together form a more complex and multidimensional threat (by contrast of Hybrid conflict, Hybrid war).

6) The socially dangerous events, phenomenon or processes originated from the changes of global security environment as a result of the synergy from the use by aggressor of i) conventional armed forces and capabilities and ii) unconventional forms of warfare (terrorism, criminal activities, «civil war», subversion etc.) as well as iii) non-military modes of impact which has been transformed into a weapon on various fields of operation (diplomatic, informational, economic, financial, trade, social ones etc.).

Aim at forcing the object of aggression to the requirements that are contrary to its national interests regardless of a declaration of war. One of possible way for conducting Hybrid threats is the organization and support of separatist movements which could breach the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the object of aggression.