Gerasimov doctrine (The Russian “New Generation Warfare”) Доктрина Герасимова (російська "Війна Нового Покоління") (ua)

the Russian military doctrine, its autor is Gen. Valery Gerasimov, the chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Armed Forces. "In the twenty-first century we have seen a tendency toward blurring the lines between the states of war and peace. […] The role of nonmilitary means of achieving political and strategic goals has grown, and, in many cases, they have exceeded the power of force of weapons in their effectiveness. The focus of applied methods of conflict has altered in the direction of the broad use of political, economic, informational, humanitarian, and other nonmilitary measures—applied in coordination with the protest potential of the population. All this is supplemented by military means of a concealed character, including carrying out actions of informational conflict and the actions of special operations forces"