WARN Environment Generates the New Research Results

Two theses dedicated to project topics are currently being developed within WARN Environment. The first case involves the development of the post-doctoral thesis titled “Methodological Principles of Managing Adaptive Systems of Information Security for Financial Organizations in Conditions of Hybrid Threats.” This project is under the supervision of Professor Oksana Karpenko at the HEI “Academician Y. Bugay International Scientific and Technical University,” which became a part of WARN Environment in early 2022.

The second case focuses on the PhD thesis titled “The Mechanism of Strategic Development of the Enterprise Affected by Hybrid Threats.” This research is supervised by Svitlana Gryshko, an Associate Professor at NURE.

The recently achieved research results from the WARN collaboration will be further developed to generate new scientific and practical insights in these theses. These works aim to address the the necessity for enterprises to effectively survive within challenges posed by the rapidly changing security landscape.