Further development of the project elaborations in R&D projects

Professor Eduard Balashov, the team leader of NUOA, along with other researchers from Ostroh Academy, received funding from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the implementation of the R&D project titled “Social and psychological rehabilitation of veterans and persons who suffered from military actions through the formation of metacognitive monitoring”, with the state number 0123U101555 (02.01.2023 – 12.31.2025).

Receiving funding for this research project signifies not only the further development of the WARN project elaborations in a new dimension, but also a significant ┬ácontribution to updating the content and methodology of the WARN project during the upcoming and the final project year taking into account the psychological aspects of the consequences of war and post-war recovery for civilians and military personnel.” https://nddkr.ukrintei.ua/view/rk/2852d314c34d502cd2ae76493253c4e5