Scientific Workshops Shapes WARN-Environment

September 25, 2020, Workshop “Facilitating building an open secure and sustainable society in the context of hybrid threats basing on the approaches of the Baltic region” brought together (by Zoom meeting) the WARN project team and other academicians of the universities  consortium – members. The workshop addresses issues of the elaboration and approaches to building a sustainable and secure society which were taught in online security courses at the University of Tartu, Estonia (WARN project partner). The main report was made by Ph.D. Associate Professor Victoria Kontsur (Donbass State Pedagogical University is a partner of the WARN project).

Workshop also analyzed the results of the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference “Education and Science in the Field of National Security: Problems and Priorities of Development”, which was held by the NUOA on September 18, 2020. (

Workshop video is uploaded to Repository Knowledge hubs and networks



In December 2020, DUIT, in partnership with NURE, founded and held the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference “Management and Administration Towards Countering Hybrid Threats to National Security.” This conference will become an annual international platform for the WARN community to present and approve new research in various security domains.

These events are piece of contribution of the WARN consortium to the activities aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including promoting a peaceful and inclusive society and strengthening the means of implementation and revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development. Additionally, it became a core of the fruitful collaboration within Trans Sectoral Academic Environment.