Trans Sectoral Academic Environment WARN

Establishing the Trans Sectoral Academic Environment WARN.

Each UA partner (P5–P11) created the Hub of Excellence using facilities of existing research labs considerably modernized with new equipment purchased for project grant ( They act as centers of trans sectoral academic collaborative environment consisting of academic and industrial/societal representatives.

The next step is creating a virtual entity – WARN environment (act. 5.5.2) on top of the created hubs as an international network containing academic and industrial/state experts, whose collaboration is devoted to hybrid resilience of Ukraine and is supported by web tools.

The Memorandum of Understanding On Establishing the Trans Sectoral Academic Environment WARN became a documented intentions of the partners to launch the WARN community. Its purpose is the collaborative work of academic and industrial professionals to increase civic resilience to hybrid threats in Ukraine. Memorandum stipulates also the objectives of cooperation as well as conditions of joining WARN Environment for all interested organisations sharing the goals and objectives of the WARN community.

Tasks and Functionalities of the WARN Trans-Sectoral Environment are stipulated in the White paper of the WARN environment. The MoU on WARN Environment and White Paper of Hubs of Excellence are available here (Repository/Knowledge hubs and networks/International dimension) and in the GoogleDrive.

Coordination of the WARN community is assigned to NURE (UA) and JYU (FI).

Network liaison officer is Liudmyla Titova (NURE, UA)



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