New educational content

Educational content of the updated 13 master’ programmes has been renewed according to the requirements of the programme descriptions and EU best practices:

22 new courses consist of:

  • “Hybrid Threats and Comprehensive Security”: 11 courses of similar content common common for all programmes tailored to the specifics of the each of master’s programme. These courses were designed  in collaboration with EU Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats (Hybrid CoE). They provide a deep understanding of hybrid threats (their nature, substance, repercussions) and comprehensive national security.
  • 11 specialised courses: developed under the professional profile of the each of master’s programme focused on recognizing and countering hybrid threats in specific domains. Courses define the approaches, means and solutions applicable to certain field of knowledge, professional and societal activities.


Syllabi of new 22 courses  for educating students and society on resilience to the new challenges brought by hybrid threats.

39 existing courses have been updated with new educational content focused on countering hybrid threats across various domains and areas.

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