Implemented QA Plan

QA Plan including templates of reporting and supporting documents was developed in January by JYU (P1) and NURE (P5), discussed and accepted by the consortium at the meeting combined with Workshop on the results of WP1 in February of 2020 at SUIT (P7).

Quality control meetings are hold at least twice a year and during offline consortium meetings. Self-assessment reports are prepared for quality control meetings and analyzed during the meetings. The conclusions made by partners facilitate to adjust the further action plan. All discussed issues and related conclusions are recorded in the minutes. Self-assessment reports are uploaded to the WARN repository: (Path: Quality management/Internal QC)

QA Plan and templates of the reporting and supporting documents (17 documents) are uploaded to the WARN repository: (Path: Quality management) and in  GoogleDrive QA Plan.

The project consortium uses the analysis of surveys of 3 groups of academic personnel for constant verification and improvement (teachers worked on updating educational content; university management regarding quality and impact of the project results; project team members on the possible issues of project management) undertaken under effect of post-pandemic conditions and during full-scale war of russian federation against Ukraine (the core project activities are realizing under the same conditions). Report is available in web repository of the project and on the project Drive WARN_Report_on_Academic_Feedback

Upon completing the first year of delivering modernized master’s programs, which include new and updated courses on countering hybrid threats, we performed a comprehensive analysis for the surveys’ results of the following target groups: teachers and students of master’s programs, and trainees of lifelong learning education courses. Report is available in web repository of the project and on the project Drive WARN _Feedback_First year_2023

The learning outcomes for the first year of teaching thirteen modernized master’s programs can be found in the analytical report  WARN  Learning_Outcomes_2022_ 2023

Surveys of the project’s target groups are conducted cyclically and will last until 10/07/2024 in order to receive feedback on the results of the 2023/2024 academic year, that is, the second year of delivering new and updated courses on countering hybrid threats within the modernized 13 master’s programs. Questionnaire forms have been developed as a part of project quality assurance (WP4) and are accessible through the following links: