Updating the study programmes with new educational content (WP2)

EU partners provided Ukrainian colleagues with materials for basic reading before the planned trainings in Spring 2020 (General readings). Ukrainian partners have got the access to the various books, recommendations to the development of the courses on security in various fields, analytics on current status of hybrid attacks and methods of counteractions, access to participate in the open course on Security in Baltic Region provided by TU, series of lectures on “Security, Democracy and the Digital World” have been given by Ex-President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Portuguese conference “Hybrid Threats in the Context of EU security”.

Analysis of the materials sent by EU partners and the current state of society’s response to hybrid attacks have been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic became the basis for research and practical joint work of the WARN community.

The 1st documented result of collaboration within WARN environment became Hybrid Threats Glossary (version 1.0). It appeared as a side result of the processing the numerous materials on countering hybrid threats but became the basic document for educational content of adapting master’s and LLL programmes.

Upon further developing the results the glossary will be updated. To facilitate awareness of hybrid threats an interactive version of the glossary has been created.

Each curriculum is updated with two common compulsory courses to be included in curricula of all 11 MSc programmes of all participating UA partners (P5-P11). These are a Course on Hybrid Threats and Comprehensive Security – common for all partners, and 11 courses on Recognising and Countering Hybrid Threats in the fields of 11 master’s programmes.

Adapting Programme Profiles and curricula should be finished after fine-tuning procedure following the updated project timeline by the end of October of 2022. This was a planned date determined before russian war against Ukraine launched on Feb 24, 2022. The further plans require to be specified.