Summarizing foreseen security challenges and synchronizing partners` specific objectives (WP1)

Comprehensive analysis of partners` needs; skills gap in security field, weaknesses in existing curricula and professional profiles of graduates have been made during development of the project application and in a year after submitting application should be updated towards current situation in security field as well as actual needs and resources of project partners.

The WP leader State University of Infrastructure and Technology coordinated the efforts of project partners, collected their reports in the fields envisaged in project application (7 fields of study and 11 piloting education programmes) and prepared the integrated analytical report summarized issues mentioned above.

The Analytical report also includes the requirements to the professional profiles for specialists in the corresponding fields. To reveal these needs as much as possible, the UA partner universities launched a survey for the students and employers on their Websites (KRI NAPA, NAMSCA, NURE_AI, NURE_ECES, DPSU_stud, DPSU_empl).

This report was presented during the Workshop devoted to the EU curriculum development and finalizing WP “Preparation” which was held by SUIT on 19-20 of February in Kyiv.

Addressing the NEO monitoring feedback the report was improved in the parts devoted to the competencies to be linked to EU partners experience in the curricula on Hybrid threats based on the best practices and modern resources. The final report ((WP1_Analytical Report) was approved by all project partners that is written down in minutes of the consortium meeting after Workshop.

All presentations delivered during Workshop as well as Report on WP1 Results can be downloaded from the Project Repository of this Website (available for project partners).