Project organization and management (WP6)

The privacy statement of the WARN project:

The project started formally from signing the Grant Agreement by EACEA on November 26th, 2019.

The kick-off meeting was held on 5-6 December 2019 in Kyiv and was hospitably hosted by project partners NAMSCA and MESU.

During the meeting Project Coordinator Prof. Timo Tiihonen presented the overall governance structure of the project and its decision-making mechanism. Also, consortium members discussed and agreed the structure and the main provisions of the Partnership agreement drafted before meeting.

Coordinator of UA consortium Dr. Svitlana Gryshko presented the project background, objectives and expected results. Then each project partner introduced its role and expertise.

During the second meeting day Vice-minister of Education and Science Yegor Stadny summarized the ministry vision about the overall developments in higher education in Ukraine and the role of the project(s) in supporting the system level development.

All presentations and minutes of this meeting are kept in the Project Repository of this Website (Path: Management / Meetings / Formal Meetings) and in the Coordinator’s storage NextCloud providing personalised access for all project partners.

Partnership Agreement was finally signed by all partners in 12 original copies in February 2020 that allow providing each partner with original during May. This postponing was caused by Pandemic of COVID-19 and quarantine restrictions that affected all sides of life including post services and project plan. In coordinating with EACEA all trainings and study visits planned from March of 2020 had to be postponed for indefinite time (till improvement of the situation with pandemic and returning university work back to the usual regime).  Copies of the Grant and Partnership Agreements were uploaded in the repository of this Website (Path: Management / Agreements)

Project Management Plan was created basing on the main policies stipulated in the Partnership Agreement, it is downloaded to Repository/Management

Reporting forms and Master file of budget data for reporting were communicated all partners and downloaded to the special space to keep the individual reports on travels and staff costs in the secured Coordinator University NextCloud storage.


Monthly Zoom working meetings of project consortium allow supporting collaborative spirit, updating project status and project plans. Agendas, updated plans and status reports are uploaded to the Repository (Path: Management / Meetings / Working Meetings).

From the middle of March of 2020 Project partners continuing work in the distance mode. Materials prepared for postponed training by EU partners were delivered to UA consortium for study and further elaboration. Distance mode and prohibition for travel shifted research work on the first front and facilitate developing the research papers on the topics connected with hybrid threats have been strengthened by pandemic. Such researches conducted within real cases of unpredictable situation allows analyzing the resilience of society to unpredictable situations which aggravated the effect of hybrid attacks.


Project Management Plan був розроблений на основі базових правил, викладених в Партнерській угоді. Він завантажений в Repository / Management. Форми звітності та типи супровідних документів, Master файл бюджетних даних для звітності були надіслані всім партнерам, а в сховищі NextCloud координатора було створено спеціальний простір для зберігання звітів про поїздки та витрати на персонал.

All project partners got the original of the Partnership Agreement. The Scanned copy of the Partnership Agreement is uploaded in the repository (Path: Management / Agreements)

Project reports to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine These reports are prepared on the regular base twice a year. The scanned copies of the submitted reports are downloaded to the Repository (Path: Management / Reports / Reports to MESU)

Reports on travel and staff costs Project privacy statement