Implementation of curricula (WP3)

Eleven adapted MSc study programmes will be delivered at 7 UA partner HEIs (P5-P11) starting from 2022/2023 academic year.

All Master’s programmes have a valid national accreditation. 5 of 11 Master’s programmes should pass the consequence accreditation within project lifetime.

The enrolment and training of the professionals and faculty members are performed based on the existing administrative structures of Centers of postgraduate education in partner HEIs.

Teaching and training of the students and trainees will be support by the newly equipped Labs. (dev 2.5)

NURE: Financial and Economic Security ManagementArtificial Intelligence Systems

UCU: Public Administration Journalism Media communications

SUIT: Organization management and administration, Software Engineering

NUOA: Political Science, National Security

NAMSCA: Cross-Culture Management

KhKNU:  Public management and administration

Professional training on the portal of the National Public Service Agency

Prevention and Countering Hybrid Threats

DPSU: Secondary education (History). Psychology

About results of recruiting students for 2022-2023 academic year you can read here: Delivered master’s programs, Delivered LLL courses

You can read the feedback of students and trainees after completing the teaching of master’s and LLL programs on the page Results of updated programs.