Establishing WARN network (WP5)

Project consortium held the regular Zoom working meeting on May 15, 2020 where decided to focus initially on building a trans-sectoral WARN environment following the advice of EASEA under quarantine restrictions. The core of WARN environment will be created by experts of project partner organizations. Analysis of the materials sent by European colleagues and the current state of society’s response to hybrid attacks have been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic will become the basis for research and joint work of the WARN community.

Project teams of NAMSCA, NUOA and DPSU launched a dialogue among different stakeholders, held conferences with students and young researchers aimed at establishing cooperation between students and faculty in the field of research on societal resilience to hybrid threats.


September 25, 2020, Workshop “Facilitating building an open secure and sustainable society in the context of hybrid threats basing on the approaches of the Baltic region” brought together (by Zoom meeting) the WARN project team and other academicians of the universities  consortium – members. The workshop addresses issues of the elaboration and approaches to building a sustainable and secure society which were taught in online security courses at the University of Tartu, Estonia (WARN project partner). The main report was made by Ph.D. Associate Professor Victoria Kontsur (Donbass State Pedagogical University is a partner of the WARN project).

Workshop also analyzed the results of the IV International Scientific and Practical Conference “Education and Science in the Field of National Security: Problems and Priorities of Development”, which was held by the NUOA on September 18, 2020. (

This workshop is a piece of contribution of the WARN consortium to the activities aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, including promoting a peaceful and inclusive society and strengthening the means of implementation and revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development.
Workshop video is uploaded to Repository Knowledge hubs and networks


The first anchor result of cooperation within international WARN network became the development the (Hybrid Threats Glossary).