Equipping the interfaculty labs (WP2)

UA partners (P5-P11) actualized the list of the equipment needed for delivering master’s programmes and establishing the Hubs of Excellence and agreed the changes with EACEA project officer. Consortium entrusted UCU (P6) the right and responsibility to organize purchasing procedure and became the contractor of procurement using 3-sides agreement model with single Invoice for all 7 UA partner universities.

Request for Quotations for the Purchasing Equipment

All purchased equipment has been duly recorded in the inventories of 7 Ukrainian partner universities.

Whole consortium expresses the great gratitude to our colleagues Volodymyr Bokla, Pavlo Khud, Halyna Protsyk, Nataliia Reshetova, legal advisers and accountants of the Ukrainian Catholic University for their titanic efforts devoted to purchasing equipment for all Ukrainian partners, considering wishes of all partners as well as heroic adjustment of all grant requirements to the Ukrainian legislation.

Special thanks to the NEO in Ukraine and its Coordinator Svitlana SHYTIKOVA for assistance in adjusting all grant requirements to the Ukrainian legislation for purchasing equipment.