Content and method trainings for teaching staff (WP2)

Associated partner Hybrid Strategies Lab of TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) held 2 sessions of on-line trainings (due to the pandemic restrictions) for WARN partners. Training was developed especially for WARN project as a part of Course “Gaming Hybrid conflict”. During training project members exercised in applying Matrix and Dilemma games for the decision of the complex issues with hidden – hybrid threats using various cases. Applying the gamifying approach allows revealing a multidomain context of the considered use cases and caused issues. It facilitates responsible decision makers to generate the adequate response to the threats and to increase the resilience of the controlled structureы.

On-line format as well as requirements to keep training interactive  didn’t allow to train more then 10 players per 1 session. Visit of TNO Lab experts in Ukraine is expected after ending the quarantine restrictions to train more Ukrainian team members.

20 teachers were trained during 2 online interactive trainings on 9th and 16th Dec of 2020 and took Certificates.

Trained project team prepared the analysis of the given methodologies to use it for development of the methodology for teachers (Repository TNO training) (dev. 2.3).